HYSY adopt the best practices in geology, organic geochemistry and thermal modelling to add value, reduce risk and support exploration, production and new ventures decisions. HYSY experts offer comprehensive technical services that includes field sampling, analysis, data collection, interpretation and reporting from regional to prospect scale projects such as:

  • PETROLEUM SYSTEM ANALYSIS: Basin, play and prospect
  • Geological Model: stratigraphy, sedimentology, tectonic/structural evolution analysis of the basin
  • Geophysical Model: Seismic and petrophysical analysis and interpretation
  • Geochemical Model (Hydrocarbon charge)
    1. Source rock characterization
    2. Oil and /or Gas geochemical characterization
    3. Well geochemical analysis: Source rock characterization, mud gases, oil and gas shows
    4. Surface geochemistry: HYSY provide services such as onshore and offshore field sampling, chemical analysis, data interpretation and reporting
  • 1D, 2D & 3D thermal modelling: These studies help us to estimate the extent of source rock thermal maturity, quality and amount of hydrocarbons generated, timing of events, hence, geographic and stratigraphic extension of petroleum systems within a basin. HYSY owns a licensed copy of Genesis and Trinity software from Zetaware.Inc.
  • Reservoir characterization:Reservoir connectivity studies using reservoir fluid fingerprinting.
  • Unconventional resource assessment